Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why is Bob Marley So Important in Music?

Why is Bob Marley so important in music? Well, after my last post a while ago Rebel Music, where I featured some information on the important documentary DVD about Marley's life story, I think this is a question that is pretty easy to answer.

So when you're thinking to yourself why is this guy so important in music, the answer should come to you in a flash. His music is that timeless blend of creative genius, hugely popular reggae beat, well formed lyrics and a rhythm and soul that will move the sternest of bodies in time with its beauty and excellence.

Now if that ain't a top answer to a question like that, I don't know what is!

Just take some of the most popular of the great man's music and listen and I mean really listen to it and you'll realize that there is so much that was put into the performances and the creation processes that produced these masterpieces that there is nothing to touch it in its class.

Bob Marley and the Wailers were more than simply a popular reggae band from Jamaica that stormed the world with their easy going and very cool music. They were an institution all to themselves driven by the musical genius in Bob Nester Marley, the man himself and the driving rhythms and beat of the band he led.

if you were ever thinking of trying to play some of the star's songs or maybe pick up a guitar and learn them properly, I'd say you probably will need to take some professional guitar lessons so you can do them justice. That's the way to do it right.

Those of us who dearly love the great performer's musical genius for what it is still miss the man who created such rhythmic poetry and fine musical brilliance but his light will shine brightly as the most powerful sun in the universe for as long as there are appreciative ears to hear it and loving hearts to absorb it into the souls of the fans.

The great reggae star's unique brand of music lives on, my friends even if the mortal body that contain the immortal soul of the musical genius lies buried in the soil. This is why he is so important in musical life and always will be.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rebel Music

Rebel Music is the new release Bob Marley DVD documentary. Following on from the last post about Bob Marley Music Omitted from No Woman No Cry Documentary, I'm going to provide a short review of the documentary newly released on DVD of the reggae legend's music and life. This is the documentary called Rebel Music.

The name Bob Marley is synonymous with popular reggae music. What is maybe not so well known is that in his own mind and also in the hearts and minds of the many people who knew him well, Marley was much more than a just a musician.

The documentary Rebel Music has been put together and tells the fascinating and often heart wrenching story of the legend himself. The reggae superstar, the musician that created that legend, the poet within and the indelible prophet.

Prior to his early death at the young age of only 36, the star had created an incredibly stunning body of musical work. He was well known worldwide as the popular and at times outspoken face and voice of reggae music.

Yet few of the adoring fans who heard and loved his incredible music realized the great depth and range of the man's own political, philosophical and religious beliefs. Here is a documentary which tells the reggae star's own story through his very own words and music.

It includes interviews with the people who knew him best. This naturally includes his wife, Rita as well as fellow reggae music pioneer Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

From his impoverished and poor roots all the way through his involvement in Rastafarianism to his eventual musical evolution, the documentary comprehensively puts all the pieces of the jigsaw together of the life of this highly astute and charming genius.

More info can be found on this Rebel Music Documentary by clicking this link. If you get a chance to get your hands on this DVD, grab it!

If you think you can sing like a pro, you might want to check your vocal capabilities by first recording yourself then playing it back to see how you sound. If you think you show some promise, then it might be wise to get some good online singing lessons first and then take it from there.

Becoming a performing musician is no easy thing to do no matter how easy the starts make it look. They either have tons of natural talent or when they don't they make it by getting the best coaching they can get!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bob Marley Music Omitted from No Woman No Cry Documentary

Following on from the last post about Bob Marley Music on eBay, lets get back to the business of writing and commenting on Bob Marley music related stuff and what might be of interest. This post is a little late in coming if it was going to be a news item, but as an information piece its interesting to have here if you haven't seen it anywhere else.

Its about the planned documentary about Bob Marley and while it will be packed full of information about the reggae legend himself, it won't be playing any of the Bob Marley music.

Thats because Bob Marley's family decided that none of his music shouldl be licensed to the documemtary No Woman No Cry, the Bob Marley story written by his wife Rita Marley. Of this decision, she said:

"When I sold the film rights to my book the contract did not include any rights to use my husband's music. Though I am the head of the Marley family each decision is made democratically amongst all of us, I requested an exception be made for my book to be turned into a movie but that request was declined."

The family of Bob Marley said they have a policy of not licensing Bob Marley music for any film or televison production in which an actor will playing the part of Bob Marley. On the flip side, the Marley family has agreed that anothr planned documentary, which is being made by Martin Scorsese, will be allowed to use Bob Marley music for the project.

A statement was released that said: "Tuff Gong Pictures, owned by the Family entered into a co-production agreement with Steve Bing's Shangri La to produce a Martin Scorsese directed documentary of the legendary Bob Marley and they have agreed to license his music."

Bob's son, Ziggy Marley added: "All our efforts and support are currently directed towards the documentary that we are working on with Shangri La, directed by Martin Scorsese. We believe that this project is the best way to represent our father's life from his perspective and any other film project pertaining to our father will be empty without his music to support it."

So intereting times are ahead.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bob Marley Music on eBay

Bob Marley Music on eBay! Ok, I know its been a while since my last post Bob Marley Music Lives On, gave some great news about what's happening in Jamaica and teh whole Bob Marley music theme.

Right now, if you're a regular visitor to this blog, you can't have failed to notice some changes here! The main reason is cause I found out how to put a live eBay feed onto the page so if you're looking for any Bob Marley music CDs or vinyl, Bob Marley's studio albums etc, that's the place to check them out for the bargain prices. Plus there are items sold on eBay that you can't find in any stores, so I think its a really important addition to the blog as a resource.

Also this gives me a chance to give a little mention about the sister website for this blog, which is called Bob Marley Music too. This has more options for searching for items on eBay with item specific pages making finding what you are looking for even easier!

Apart from that, the layout had to change to fit the eBay window into the sidebar so it looks good - very important! As for the blog, it will carry on with bringing you information on the Bob Marley Music front and whatever I find out in my travels, I'll put it straight in here.

I hope you like this cool idea as much as I did!

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